MSLA Parent Handbook 2017-18

Dress Code

  • Students are to wear an MSLA polo or t-shirt while at school. If a student comes to school out of uniform they must wear an MSLA loaner shirt over their clothing. These shirts must be checked in at the end of the day and may not go home with the student or students may be charged.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside except on designated hat days.
  • If student consistently wears a hooded jacket in school, parents will be encouraged to purchase an MSLA hoodie or encourage student to wear long sleeves underneath MSLA shirt.
  • Please dress your children appropriately in regards to the weather.

Students may not wear the following:

  • Inappropriate footwear, including skate shoes, sandals, or bedroom slippers.
  • Shorts, dresses, skirts or other similar clothing that is shorter than mid-thigh length.

Bus Transportation

Students will be dismissed at 2:55pm. The bus leaves promptly at 3:00 pm.  It is mandatory that parents notify the main office if a student will not ride the bus home after school by 2:00pm. Your student will ride the bus after school unless we have received prior notification.
Bus Stops Include: Godsman, Goldrick, CMS, Barnum, Munroe

Drop Off and Pick Up

Morning Drop Off

Students should be dropped off at the playground located on the corner of Tejon Street and West Virginia Ave. MSLA will provide supervision from 7:30-8:00am.

After School Pick Up

School ends at 2:55PM.  Parents/guardians will meet their students for pick up on the small playground located on the corner of Tejon Street and West Virginia Ave. Students will not be released until a parent/guardian picks them up from the playground. We ask that all parents park their cars and walk to pick up their child from the playground.

If a student is to walk home from school, a written note of permission must be turned into the main office. On days with inclement weather, we will dismiss all students from the auditorium. In this scenario, we will send an app notification and robocall to inform parents/guardians. At 3:00pm, any students who have not been picked up will be escorted to the main office.

Storm Schedule and School Closing Information

Regardless of the weather conditions, school will be in session unless a school-closing announcement is made. Information can also be found online at Denver Public Schools Winter Weather Information, at Facebook DPS News Now, and DPS official Twitter account.


Medication Guidelines ​

All medications must be checked in with the main office. Your child may not be sent to school with medication to self-administer, including over-the-counter medications, including cough-drops. Please visit the school nurse to discuss questions or concerns.

Student Illness Guidelines ​

The following guidelines are necessary to help ensure the health of our students and staff. If your child exhibits the following symptoms, we ask you not send them to school:

  • Vomiting during the night or before school.
  • A fever of 100 degrees (f), or greater
  • Strep throat (Must be on antibiotics for 24 hrs before returning to school.)

Allergies and Food Intolerances

The main office and school nurse, Shannon Dominguez, must be informed of any student who has a serious known allergy that could endanger his or her life, including bee stings, food, or medication that causes severe or life threatening reactions. For more information on how to handle your child’s allergies at school, please visit the front desk at the school and read more about Denver Public Schools policy.

Emergencies and Emergency Contact Information

In the case of a serious illness or injury a parent/guardian will be contacted by the office. It is extremely important that your child’s emergency contact information is current at all times. Please inform the school office of any changes in residence, employment, and/or phone numbers which occur during the school year. 911 will be called first when an extremely severe (life threatening) medical emergency arises.

School-Wide Communication

MSLA has a variety of means of communication with parents:

  • Monthly Newsletter: Newsletters will be sent home with each student as well as posted electronically through the app.
  • Robocall: Announcements and notifications will be sent home regularly. Please ensure your contact information is accurate in Infinite Campus.
  • App Notifications: Download our MSLA app to access notifications, newsletters, calendars, and more.
  • Friday Folders – Paper-based information for students and families will s.

Please help your child become responsible for giving you any communications sent home from school by reminding them to check his/her backpack when arriving home.

  • School Community Bulletin Board in the main office and near the back doors by the auditorium lists pertinent information for the MSLA Community.

MSLA Web Site:

Report Cards

Report cards will be sent home three times during the school year at 12 week intervals/trimesters. The first (November) and second (February) report cards will be sent home with your student. The last report card of the school year is sent home during the last week of school or mailed to the student’s home. It If you do not receive a report card, please call the main office.

MSLA Quick References

Grades: K-5

Address: 451 S Tejon Street Denver, CO 80223

School Phone: (720) 424-1310

School Hours: 8:00-2:55pm

Teachers’ Hours: 7:15am-3:15pm

Bus Stops: Munroe, Barnum, CMS, Goldrick, Godsman

Student Attendance

Please report any student absence or tardy to our school attendance line at 720-424-1310 or via the MSLA app by 8:00am. Additionally, you may submit an absence via the MSLA app.

Excused absences and tardiness include illness, medical or dental appointments, funeral, or extenuating circumstances with administrative approval. All written notes must include: student’s full name, date, reason, a parent/guardian signature, a daytime phone number where parent/guardian can be reached.

Whenever possible, schedule your child’s medical or other appointments outside of school hours. Please sign the Attendance Book in the office when your child is leaving early, or returning during the school day.

Students who are tardy lose valuable instructional time in the classroom. Please make every effort to get your child to school on time.  For excused tardies, please report to the main office with him/her, write a note, or call the office. ​

Please plan for student absences to align to DPS vacation days and contact the main office if your child will be going out of town.


Recess is a part of every school day and will take place outside except when temperatures are below 32 degrees and/or it is raining or snowing. It is recommended for students to wear tennis shoes and appropriate attire to play at recess each day.

Food & Beverages

Lunchroom Expectations

In addition to schoolwide behavioral expectations,  students will follow the following procedure:

  1. Students will respectfully walk through the lunch line and get their lunch.
  2. Students will remain seated while eating their lunch and will raise their hand if they need to get out of their seat for any reason.
  3. Teacher will dismiss students after they have cleaned up their area.

If parents come to eat with their children and choose to sit at a separate table, they may only eat with their student and family members. Additional students will not be permitted to eat with them.

Students who bring food for lunch must bring a complete lunch. Students may not bring snacks to eat with a hot lunch served by the cafeteria.

Candy and gum are not allowed in the classroom, cafeteria, or playground.

Guidelines to Healthy Foods at School

In accordance with the Denver Public School District Wellness Policy, MSLA has implemented guidelines to ensure nutritious foods and beverages are served at school. These healthy guidelines apply to school-sponsored events and fundraisers, snacks and classroom parties. Foods and beverages should be nutrient-dense such as fruits, vegetables and cheese. The DPS wellness policy encourages healthy eating and physical activity in order to help students learn.

All students will receive free breakfast in the classroom from 8a-8:10a. Additionally, fruit or vegetable snacks are provided to the each classroom. Food and drink should not be served outside of breakfast or snack times.

Celebrations should be coordinated at least 3 days prior to the event with the classroom teacher and should occur during the last 15 minutes of the school day (2:40PM to 2:55PM). All food must be pre-packaged, prepared foods.

Message from the Lead Teachers

MSLA Students and Families,

I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the students families of MSLA. I strive to provide support, encouragement, and strong leadership for the MSLA community. I am confident we have the right pieces in place to help our students succeed. It is our job to work together as teachers and parents to ensure our children are set up for success.

I hope you feel confident entering the 2017-2018 to approach your child’s teachers and Instructional Leadership Team with any questions, concerns, or celebrations you have. We will work diligently to ensure your child receives the very best at MSLA.

Let’s have a great 2017-2018 school year!

Ms. Blaire Baldwin

Lead Teacher


Welcome MSLA Families!

It is very exciting to be working with you this year to ensure our students’ success! We are striving to improve our vision that all who enter our school are learners, teachers, and leaders. As we move into this year, it is my mission to see that our actions are always aligned to the DPS value of putting students first.

I value your voice and participation at MSLA.  Our collaboration and your support during this year’s journey is appreciated. Please reach out to me and our wonderful office staff to help meet your needs. Together we can make our school amazing!

With warm regards,

Ms. Rebecca Lane

Lead Teacher

Vision & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • To create a culture where children capture the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to excel in our global society.
  • To empower teachers to make the decisions that best impact student outcomes.
  • To engage all community members as facilitators and beneficiaries of our rich learning opportunities.

Vision Statement

Learn, Teach, Lead

The Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy is a teacher-led school where everyone is a learner, teacher and leader.

Instructional Focus

All MSLA students will show measurable growth in their ability to read, respond, explain, and justify open-ended responses in all content areas using multiple sources. Teachers will hold all students and staff accountable by implementing research based strategies that support open-ended responses. Successful student learning will be measured regularly through summative and formative assessments that are aligned with established rubrics (aligned to Common Core Standards and PARCC assessments).

Pumas reach the sky when we…

Read, Respond, Explain, Justify

PBIS & Discipline

PBIS: Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports

At MSLA all teachers will use positive reinforcement to encourage students to always give their best effort. Positive reinforcement focuses on and rewards the positive behaviors that our students demonstrate.  All students will be able to earn personal and class recognition for positive behavior and academic grit. Pawsitives are earned when students are recognized by an MSLA staff member for demonstrating a behavior that reflects one of the 5 MSLA values — perseverance, collaboration, respect, responsibility, and fun. Pawsitives can be used as currency at our school store and for raffle prizes..


MSLA staff strives to use restorative practices to help our students correct behavior detrimental to learning. All consequences must be restorative in nature and seek to help the student rejoin their classmates in a positive learning environment. MSLA follows the DPS district discipline policy when behaviors call for additional support.

DPS Technology Policy

School technologies, including iPads, Chromebooks, and computers should be used for educational purposes. Technology is to remain on school grounds and may not be taken home for any reason. For additional information on Internet use at school, please refer to the MSLA technology agreement, signed by all students and parents at the beginning of each school year.