About Our School

451 S. Tejon St. 80223
Tel: 720-424-1310
Fax: 720-424-1326
Lead Teachers:

  • Rebecca Lane
  • Jason Shiroff

Grade Levels: K – Grade 5
Uniforms: Yes
Kaleidoscope Corner: No
Magnet Program: No
Full-Day Preschool (ECE): No
Half-Day Preschool (ECE): No
Full-Day Preschool (ECE) for 3 year olds: No
Half-Day Preschool (ECE) for 3 year olds: No
Preschool (ECE) Classrooms Taught in Spanish: No
Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes
Half-Day Kindergarten: No
Kindergarten Programs Taught in Spanish: Yes

MSLA Mission

  1. To create a culture where children capture the disposition, knowledge and skills needed to excel in our global society
  2. To empower teachers to make the decisions that best impact student outcomes
  3. To engage all community members as facilitators and beneficiaries of our rich learning opportunities

Core Values

Learn – At MSLA we learn through experience, and find joy in acquiring new information and skills.
Teach – At MSLA we help others to understand through generous sharing of information and processes and through enriching experiences.
Lead – At MSLA we lead by purposeful engagement of others. We are committed to civic responsibility, community engagement and service learning.
MSLA is a place where everyone is a Learner, Teacher, and Leader.

Instructional Focus

All MSLA students will show measurable growth in their ability to read, respond, explain, and justify open-ended responses in all content areas using multiple sources. Teachers will hold all students and staff accountable by implementing research based strategies that support open-ended responses. Successful student learning will be measured regularly through summative and formative assessments that are aligned with established rubrics (Common Core rubric for grades K-2 and the PARCC rubric for grades 3-5).
Pumas reach the sky when we…
Read, Respond, Explain, Justify
Hasta el cielo, pumas alcanzamos cuando…
Leemos, respondemos, explicamos, justificamos!